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Insurance Chatbots: A New Era of Customer Service in the Insurance Industry

What is Insurance Chatbots? + 5 Use-case, Examples, Tools & Future So there you have it—chatbots are transforming the insurance industry from the inside out. From customer service to lead generation, claims processing, and even data analytics, they’re making everything quicker, easier, and more efficient. The problem is that many insurers are unaware of the potential of insurance chatbots. Today …

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5 Challenges in Natural Language Processing to watch out for TechGig

What is NLP? How it Works, Benefits, Challenges, Examples The main purpose of NLU is to create chat and speech-enabled bots that can interact effectively with a human without supervision. Some of the basic NLP tasks are parsing, stemming, part-of-speech tagging, language detection and identification of semantic relationships. If you ever diagrammed sentences in primary school then you have done …

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What is a Key Differentiator of Conversational AI? Freshchat Blog

What the best conversational AI platforms need Segmenting all of this data and allocating it to each user profile is nearly impossible. Conversational AI, on the other hand, can provide a more personalized experience across the customer journey. When you start looking under the hood of bots or messaging apps with conversational capabilities, you will generally find the following coming …

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